QI order at 10-1-2018 2 chicken chashew 1 mushroom beef 1 kung pao chicken 1 noodles And all of the noodles come is bad!!!! Not fresh at all The beef and noodles is not fresh and the noodles was bad and has baad smell I order from W99l And i try to call and tell them, no one replay or say something for me
Q,Dear Canton company’s respected officials We salute you and invite you to establish a new branch of your famous and beloved worldwide series in Abha city, Saudi Arabia, the bride of the southern region and the capital of Arab tourism, the primary tourist destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We deeply believe that the location we are providing is one to look for as it serves as an important strategic and dynamic point in the city, due to the following factors: -It is located directly on the city’s main Highway, King Abdul-Aziz Road, which is the link between all of the major districts in the city. -It is situated just at the Al-Wasayif traffic cross road, which is known as the most dynamic and crowded traffic area in the city, especially during the summer season. -Many of the city’s important tourist destinations are located in the vicinity of the location; including: New Abha, Abha’s lake and dam, Al-Soodah road, Abu-Khayyal Park, and many others. -It is located near an important and very well-known medical center in the region, Al-Alam Medical Center. -The location is composed of a new and modern building containing 8 different retail spaces with large areas as the ground floor, topped by 3 stories of 50 hotel rooms built according to modern and international standards. -The retail shops are provided with separate parking lots not including the hotel’s own parking spaces in the rear. -The building’s attractive white stony interface is built using modern and majestic design following high standards. -The building stands higher than the surroundings and is seen from a far point of view. -A lengthy contract suitable for your successful investment. We hope you take a serious look at this exclusive offer and we are looking forward to establish a successful and long-lasting partnership. Your sincerely, Abdul-Aziz Bakry’s Corp. for Construction and Hoteling. For more information please contact us on the following addresses: Mobile: +966533023018 Mobile 2: +966557477171 Tel.: +966172244447 E-mail: qasr_al_ream@hotmail.com Location on map: https://goo.gl/maps/zEJoRaabyi72 أعزاءنا الكرام مسؤولي شركة كانتون المحترمين: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته، وبعد: نود دعوتكم لتشرفونا بافتتاح فرع جديد من فروعكم في مدينة أبها الجميلة عروس المنطقة الجنوبية، عاصمة السياحة العربية والوجهة الأساسية للسياحة في المملكة العربية السعودية. إننا نؤمن بأن الموقع الذي نوفره لكم من أجود المواقع في أبها وأكثرها حركة واستراتيجية، وذلك للمميزات العديدة التالية: وجوده على الحزام الدائري لمدينة أبها مباشرة كأهم أوتوستراد في المدينة يقع عند إشارة الوصايف مباشرة، والمعروفة أنها الأطول في مدة التوقف بين كل إشارات أبها وربما تحتاج السيارات للانتظار طويلاً عند هذه الإشارة الهامة كمعلم معروف في أبها. يقع بالقرب من العديد من الوجهات السياحية الرئيسية في المدينة، من ضمنها: أبها الجديدة، سد وبحيرة أبها، إشارة السودة، وحديقة أبو خيال. الموقع بمحاذاة مستوصف العالم مباشرة والذي يعتبر أحد أهم المراكز الطبية المعروفة على مستوى المنطقة. الموقع عبارة عن بناء جديد وعصري يتألف من 8 معارض بمساحات كبيرة في الدور الأرضي يعلوها ثلاثة أدوار تشكل 50 وحدة فندقية بمواصفات عالمية. للمعارض مواقف خاصة مستقلة عن مواقف الفندق الخلفية. الموقع بواجهة حجرية عصرية وجميلة وبإطلالة رائعة. البناء مميز ومرتفع عن كامل الأبنية المجاورة ويشاهد من مكان بعيد. عقد إيجار طويل المدة يناسب أعمالكم التجارية الناجحة. نتمنى من حضراتكم إلقاء نظرة على هذا العرض الحصري ونتطلع لنكوّن شراكة طويلة الأمد ومليئة بالنجاحات، وشكراً. مؤسسة عبد العزيز بكري للمقاولات والفنادق. لمزيد من المعلومات نرجو التواصل عبر العناوين التالية: +966533023018 +966557477171 +966172244447 qasr_al_ream@hotmail.com
Qsir i want to a job in your company no 0509764026
Qابحث عن وظيفه في الدوادمي
QI had today a very very bad meal the rice was cold and not fresh and all the meal is carrots may be 2 pieces chicken It was not expected from you restaurant
QMay I know where is the source of your chicken? Thank you,
QGood Morning we would like to contact Customer Service in charge in Jazan as we need to buy 200 Vouchers for my Team could you please advice me with the contact detail thanks sabrienjohar@alkhaleej.com.sa 0507135096 Alkhobar
QHi, I am Ayham from Careem Team. We are gonna launch our new app for delivery in KSA soon, so we would more than happy if you join our limited list. Could you please give me the contact number or email of the responsible person from the marketing team with his/her name in order to contact him by our team? Thanks.
QDear Canton, We would like to make an agreement with you... We would really appreciate it if you come to our school for an upcoming event because we represent china, and we would like a famous Chinese restaurant to help, we can discuss money on the phone... please answer as soon as possible... From your fellow friends at Riyadh Schools, Thank you.
QHi Canton, I'm Arisah Cayetano. I want to complain 1 of your staff in Panorama mall branch. Actually, this is the second time I experienced with same staff. I'm on line, but he is entertaining the next to me which is Saudi. He did this to me 2 times. His name is Biswajut if I'm not mistaken. Actually this is not good! He is unfair. He prioritize Saudis, he is not looking for the line. He is biased! I think this is not good! This is only to let you know. Maybe he is doing this to others. Please note, this happen to me 2 times. Thank you
QThe food and service is getting worse by the week Now i was there No beef available Chicken cashew more vetstable then chicken only 2 piece Drinks nothing no pepsi no 7up Sorry but stil paying same amount for bad service Guys need to find out what means spicy Regards steven
Qhow to order the food? I could not use the OLO apk, and your phone number could not get through. Do you have wechat, or QQ, or wahts app?
QHaitham Khaled Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Mobile Phone: 0508956316 / 00966508956316 Email: haithamkhaled@outlook.sa ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Objective: To take on a Challenging Oppourtunity in The Area of Marketing & Sales, to develop the sequence chains between Management, Supply Chain, Warehouse & Inventory in the FMCG Distribution Business, to capitalize on my knowledge gained through my Studies, Work Experience into living business actions. Education: Hashemite University – Jordan: B.A. in Business Administration graduated in January 2007. Experience Summary: • Marketing Coordinator in Fawaz Al Hokair Group Food & Entertainment Co Ltd – International Restaurants / Local Restaurants / Food Retails: (Privately Held Company / Food, Beverage, Restaurants & Theme Amusement Parks Industry) Cinnabon, Seattle's Best Coffee, The Pizza Company, Simit Sarayi, Tony Roma's, Afandi Broasted, Al Dayaa Shawerma, AZAL, WokX, Caffe Di Classe / CDC, MerkaZ, Kanafandi, Mamma Roti, KAMPS, Caffe Concerto, La Cure Gourmande, Fauchon, Happiness Station, Guven, Kahve Dunyasi, Wetzel's Pretzels, Four Winters, Rice Creamery, BBG – (01 April 2015 to Now). • Executive Secretary in Beit Al Handasa Company / Engineering House Company (Privately Held Company / Building & Construction Industry) Government Ministries Bids, Building Projects Contracting, Support Activities, Consulting Services, Reinforced Concrete, Cement Blocks, Maintenance Contracts, Operating Petrol Fields, Operating Airports, Road / Bridges Works, Asphalt, Water Supply and Sewerage Works – (01 Oct 2013 to 01 Mar 2015). • Business Development Manager in Batterjee Holding – Food / Non Food / Security Systems / Telecommunications Equipment Divisions: (Privately Held Company / FMCG Industry / Surveillance & Security Industry / Communications & Networking Equipment Industry) Jumbo Juices & Ice Cream Factory, NuNu Baby Care Products, Drop Clean Household Products, Batterjee Pharmaceutical Factory, Bayer Consumer Care “Aspirin”, Bayer Schering Pharma, Rayovac / Varta Hearing Aids, PT. Nutrifood / Tropicana Slim, Combe Inc, Medela A.G., Ingen Technologies Inc / Oxyview, BabyPlus, Future Health Technologies Ltd, Tyco International Ltd / Tyco Fire & Security / Sensormatic Electronics Corp, American Dynamics Inc, LG Security Products, HeadCount Systems, Nortech International Ltd, Avigilon Ltd, AMPAC USA Inc, Kenwood Corp / NEXEDGE – (01 Feb 2011 to 01 Sept 2013). • Trade Marketing Executive in Olayan Group General Trading Company – Food / Non Food / FMCG Divisions: (Privately Held Company / FMCG Industry / Supply Chain & Logistics Industry) Nestle’ Rowntree-Mackintosh, Campbell Soap Co, Lindtt & Sprungli, Kraft Foods, Ricegrowers Ltd SunRice, Weetabix, Tetley Tea & Beverages / TATA, Colgate-Palmolive Personal Care / Household Care, The Mennen Co, Cadum S.A., Huhtamaki / APPCO Polar Cups, Energizer Batteries, Eveready, Schick Safety Razors, edge Shaving Products, ASRC / Personna & Burma-Shave, Playtex Personal Care, Kimberly-Clark Kleenex / The Scott Paper Co, Polaroid Corp Camera & Eyewear, Deutsche Post DHL / Exel plc / Tibbett & Britten plc – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. (01 Feb 2007 to 01 Jan 2011). Responsibilities Summary: • Boost marketing, sales & collections strategies to help achieve targets, make forecast & related sales reports. • Invent the “Wholesale Collaboration Program” with other agencies & distributors focusing on FMCG & OTC. • Aware & Announce Sales Manager for the products availability / visibility, ATL, BTL & Planograms, ruler measure / appraise performance respectively with HR as well as interiviewing the new candidates. • Attend & Participate in International, Regional & Local Trade Shows. • Make Crucial Decisions to discontinue certain SKUs which prove their worthless investment, slow moving under-performing brands. • Review The Weekly Visit for Different Trade Channels done by supervisors. • Build long-term relationship & rapport with customers, employees & suppliers. • Innovate Advertisement Plans & Marketing tools. • Develop marketing, sales, sustain growth, extend the HORECA Coverage by exploring & opening “New Trade Channels”. • Handle Issues Internally with Sales, Supply Chain & Finance also Externally with all Customers as One Team. • Prepare Business Presentations & Reports on Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basis. Training Courses: • 20 Sep 2006 – 22 Sep 2006: Sajeda Selection Process By Petra Crown Plaza Hotel – Jordan. • 01 Nov 2006 – 30 Nov 2006: NLP 3 stages: (Practitioner / Assistant Practitioner / Diploma) By NLP – Canada. • 29 Jan 2007: Quality Assurance Exam By MOE: Pass – Jordan. • 30 Jan 2007: Arab Bank Selection Process By Arab Bank. On-line Test for Applicants: Pass – Jordan. • 01 Jun 2007 – 22 Jun 2007: Guest Relation Management Course By Holiday Inn – Jordan. • 01 Dec 2007 – 31 Dec 2007: Financial Analyst Principles By CSFM – Jordan. • 01 Jan 2008 – 30 Jan 2008: Alliance HPD Program: An Extensive Practical Course – Saudi Arabia. • 08 April 2008 – 10 April 2008: PROSPECT (Salesmen Course) By Glendinning Middle East – Saudi Arabia. • 15 Dec 2009 – 16 Dec 2009: Effective Time Management By People Achieve – Saudi Arabia. • 15 Mar 2017: Marketing Workshop at Prodrift Academy By Marketing Management – Saudi Arabia • 08 Aug 2017: TESTAHEL Our Loyalty Program at aloft By Training Department – Saudi Arabia. • 12 Dec 2017 – 13 Dec 2017: Detailed VAT Training By Deloitte – Saudi Arabia. • 11 Mar 2018: Blood Donation event with King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center – Saudi Arabia. Skills: • Team Player, Strong Analytical Skills, People Oriented, Quick Learner. • Problem Solving, work under pressure in fast paced environment, possess attention & awareness. • Computer Skills: Proficient in using computer applications Microsoft Office. • Cognos Program, MFG Program, Exceed Inventory Program, AC Nielsen, MEMRB, IMES, Oracle Program, Injazat Program, SAP Program, AX2012, Aloha, EDSS. Languages: Very Good Command of English, Read, Write, Speak & Interpreting. Native Arabic Speaking. Personal Data: Date of Birth: 20.03.1983 Jordanian Citizen, Transferable Iqama, Valid Driving License.
QI lovr canton really. Can i ask what is budget meal.. B4 i buy it 12sr with cantoon and drinks but i forget whats dat name
QI odered from your Lulu Olaya store with receipt no. CE96000073194 26/04-2018 1:10pm Canton fish ginger honey combo The staff gave me 2 very small pieces of fish for each sides and most of it are carrots! WTF? For 28SAR ? You guys are pathetic! No wonder why you have less and less customers.
Qالسلام عليكم ارجو منكم فتح التوصيل في هنقرستيسن في تبوك . انا كل ما ابغا اطلب انا واصدقائي نعاني جدا لذهاب للمحل ارجو فتح التوصيل في تبوك شكرا لكم طلال الغرير 0554570111
Qالسلام عليكم ارجو منكم فتح التوصيل في هنقرستيسن في تبوك . انا كل ما ابغا اطلب انا واصدقائي نعاني جدا لذهاب للمحل ارجو فتح التوصيل في تبوك اسوة بباقي الفروع شكرا لكم طلال الغرير 0554570111
Qfirst I would like to say it's not first time eat in Canton lulu Mall from 4 years I eating here but the last 2 month it's not good at all 1.I just now order by 84 +4SR Shrimp and fish after also one chicken I order and cashier say okay all here when i tack my order he say I don't have fish and I bay also 4 SR to tack all shrimp 2. The Shrimp when i start eat look like rubber and not good my phone 0500339875 my invoice 000000CE96000075507 IM WAITIN SOME ONE CALL ME THANKS
QI am in EL Hamra mall and tried to order the ramadan offer but is not available Why you are putting it for iftar menu if you are not providing it?
QWe want to register a complaint against an employee Mr. Pushak who is working at the Al Othaim branch in Dammam . He was extemely rude and was misbehaving with us during iftaar meal time. He refused us the iftaar deal and was being very argumentative and loud. He also had the gall to tell us that there was nothing We could do about it !
QHello, we’re talk from alkarj city one of the biggest cities in Ksa, why there’s no a delivery service in alkarj even on the delivery apps, l hope you will answer me.
QPlease contact me on my mobile 0554694690
QToday I was at AL YARMOUK branch & A/C not working, so how can I eat my order at your restaurant like this??!!, thanks
QGreetings, I have order a combo mea from your branch in Yasmeen mall in Jeddah. The beef was very dry as if it was prepared a few days ago and I could taste plastic in it. It was very far from the quality of other Canton express branches. I hope Canton express maintains its quality across all of its branches. I was not happy with this one at all.
Qفرع كانتون في مدينة الطائف في منتزه الردف الطهي سيء وطعم الاكل ليس كالمعهود من مطعم كانتون الارز متلاصق ولايوجد مرقة مع الدجاج والسمك ومعظمه خضروات بلا لحم.
QWe hope to open a Branch in AL-Baha Area in K.S.A . Thanks >
QHi, I would like to inquire if you accept catering, full meal with drink. Most likely variety of menu that last for 5-days for our training. Min. 25 Pax on a daily basis. If yes please send me quotation to: Sherwin/ ballad@aljazirahford.com/ 0550507771